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Lake Gaston Real Estate Agent Sally Tidey

Lots on Lake Gaston - Sell Lake Gaston Property

Why Use a Realtor When Selling Your Lake Gaston Property?...

It is important to use a professional Realtor to list your property or home because they have the right resources to determine the most comprehensive, region specific market value based on the recent real estate sales in the Lake Gaston area. Lake Gaston spans 34 miles across two State boundaries and five county boundaries, making it a little complicated to determine the right listing price. Then other factors come into play as home values vary depending on what type of property it sits on – waterfront, water view, off-shore, subdivision, etc. Then there is the legality of paperwork, negotiation skills, working with lenders, inspectors and title companies, all of which are time consuming and can be confusing as well. These are just a few reasons for you to use a professional real estate agent to get the most return on your investment.

Take the Emotion Out of Play...

Selling a home can be emotional, especially when the listing agent suggests removing personal items from rooms or family pictures from walls – all part of great memories. The way to overcome the emotion is to try and view your home through the eyes of a potential buyer.

A few things to consider...
  • De-Clutter
    De-clutter and making the space look new is one thing you can do to help make a quick sale and higher profit.
  • Decorate..
    Try redecorating a bit to attract a wider audience.
  • Visit Other Homes For Sale...
    Visit other homes on the market similar to yours, then take notes to see what you like, dislike. Go back to your home, go to every room and critique the same way you did when viewing the other homes.
  • Don't Forget the Outside...
    Do everything you can to make sure buyers can see themselves living in your home - inside and out. Remember curb appeal is also important.
  • Facts...
    It's a fact that about 90% of buyers use the internet first to browse properties for sale. So, make sure the rooms are clean, de-cluttered, remove personal knick-knacks, make rooms look spacious (you may have to remove a few pieces of furniture), and make the spaces neutral if possible before having photos posted on-line.
  • Rule of Thumb...
     Pack away any items that have sentimental value to them as buyers will feel more inclined to consider your home as 'new' if they don't see your memories.
  • Paint...
    Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls – use a neutral color such as beige, gray, or off-white as these are easy on the eye and allow buyers to visualize the room as light and airy.

There are so many things to consider when listing your property. I hope you found the information provided here helpful as you get started planning the sale your Lake Gaston home. Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have and we can get together to plan your next step.

~ Sally Tidey, Selling Homes, Properties and Lots on Lake Gaston.

My Pledge To Sellers

  • Provide a marketing plan for the property to include, as appropriate recommended promotion and other activities.
  • Furnish a written Competitive Market Analysis to determine the list price for your property.
  • Review local marketing customs, conditions and procedures and make marketing recommendations designed to enhance the marketability of your property.
  • Provide regular progress reports throughout the marketing period and forward comments made about your property.
  • Show your property or lots on Lake Gaston to qualified buyers.
  • Submit all written offers as presented; assist with negotiations; and provide an estimate of your net sales proceeds prior to acceptance.
  • Upon acceptance of an offer by you, monitor pre-settlement (escrow) activities throughout the closing process as permitted by law or local practice.



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